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Website Translation offer:

Contactless Restaurant
Menu Service – Ok2See RM


Just read a QR Code to get a dynamic and optimized menu for mobiles.

Menu hygiene has never been more important and CONTACTLESS digital menus are a sustainable solution for years to come!

Clients’safety first!

Contactless Hygienic menus + Allergen filters + Cuisine types filters (Halal, Vegetarian, …) + Professional + translations.

No App. download required for the client

No Website required from the restaurant!

Online Contactless Menu DEMO

Ok2See Restaurant Menu online


Just scan this QR Code to open a dynamic, interactive and potentially translated menu!

Ok2See – Digtial Restaurant Contactless Menu
Menu service is provided by TransConnector SA

WordPress content translation

Translating your WordPress content once or periodically can be very complex and time consuming.
We’ll make it transparent for you!

WordPress multilingual SEO

Multi language SEO is mandatory to sell your products and services world wide.
We manage it for all your Website languages.

Professional document translation services

Using the same terminology across all your documents, website and languages is a must.
We use your own translation memory and glossaries for each language.

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